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“Brandon is a skilled mediator with extensive knowledge about recent PAGA and class action litigation trends. He came to our mediation more prepared than I had seen other mediators, having truly briefed himself on the facts of our particular case. Despite some complications, he did not let the parties give up even when the case failed to settle at mediation and ultimately got the matter resolved weeks later. We will definitely use McKelvey Resolution again.”

— Employment Defense Attorney in Class/PAGA Case

“I’ve had the pleasure of using Brandon as a mediator in several wage and hour class/PAGA actions. He was prepared and did a great job of connecting with and communicating with strong client personalities. He stood out with respect to his understanding of our clients’ businesses and being able to communicate effectively with business owners. He worked hard and stuck with it in the face of challenges until we got a deal done. I like his approach, clarity, and creativity when it comes to negotiation. My firm and I will continue to use Brandon as a mediator.”

— Class/PAGA Employment Defense Attorney

“I recently had a second mediation with Brandon McKelvey. Many of you know him as a defense attorney but he is moving away from his litigation practice. He successfully settled a tough independent contractor misclassification case close to seven figures. He is in the Sacramento area. He has trained under Tripper Ortman. I would suggest if you have a local mediation and don’t want to wait five months, he is available this month and next. Give him a shot!”

— Class/PAGA Employment Attorney

“Brandon has outstanding knowledge of employment law, is well prepared and has the ability to connect with and build trust with both sides. He will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your case and he will stick with it until there is a deal. I would not hesitate to mediate with Brandon.”

— Class/PAGA Plaintiff Attorney

“We chose Brandon as our mediator in a PAGA case where there were financial challenges with the employer. Brandon’s experience running his own businesses and his understanding of financials helped to quickly establish a connection with my clients and engendered their trust in him. His clear communications and empathy were essential in resolving our matter.”

— PAGA Employment Defense Attorney

“Brandon is a Godsend mediator. Not only is he well-versed and up-to-date on case law and procedure, he was also extremely thorough, patient, and compassionate with my client. My client was a long-term decade-long employee who had a lot of emotion going into mediation. Brandon was able to communicate effectively all the strengths and weaknesses of our case while assiduously working towards a reasonable resolution. He was able to bring a peaceful end to a difficult and complex case. I look forward to using him again.”

— Southern California Single-Plaintiff Attorney

“Brandon helped us resolve an emotionally charged individual lawsuit against a business under financial distress. It meant a great deal to the president/CEO that Brandon understood the challenging position my client was in as a small business owner navigating a difficult financial environment. Brandon was patient with him and let him explain the history and heartaches behind the business. As a result, he felt understood and heard and was able to make a smart, but tough, business decision. It was a real pleasure working with Brandon as a mediator, and I very much look forward to working with him on other matters in the future.”

— Southern California Defense Lawyer

“Brandon did great work on a PAGA-only case. The case was challenging because it was the client’s second PAGA lawsuit after a previous settlement. Brandon helped navigate the business owner to a good place where he could make a sound business decision. I appreciate the way Brandon handled things and how well he worked with my client to help him through this process.”

— Southern California PAGA Defense Attorney